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The Carnet de Passages en Douane, or CPD, is the international customs document which covers the temporary admission of motor vehicles. It is accepted as a customs declaration which makes it possible to identify a motor vehicle temporarily imported. It also incorporates an internationally valid guarantee to cover import duties and taxes and secures their payment should the vehicle not be re-exported.

The CPD is still required today in numerous countries around the world for the temporary admission of private automobiles, commercial vehicles or other categories of motor vehicles.

This document is used in accordance with the provisions of the U.N. Customs Conventions of 1954, 1956 and the Istanbul Convention.

Kuwait International Automobile Club as a member club of the FIA and the AIT is part of an international network of Automobile Clubs that Issue and Gaurantee the CPD worldwide. If you are planning to travel by your private car and cross foriegn borders then you can obtain a CPD from any of our branches in Kuwait, please contact us for requerments regarding obtaining a CPD for your car.

Description of the CPD:

The CPD cover shows the name of the holder, the name of the issuing association, the international organizations - AIT and FIA - under which the network functions, and the period of validity of the document. The inside front cover bears a description of the vehicle covered under the CPD. The back cover lists the countries where the CPD may be used and the name of the guarantor association in that country. The inside of the back cover includes instructions and information essentially for the holder.

The CPD is printed in English and French and is of standard A4 dimensions. Carnets may have between 5 and 25 inside pages, each with a detachable importation and exportation voucher and a counterfoil which remains attached to the CPD. A separate page is used for each country entered or re-entered. Each importation and exportation voucher contains the vehicle particulars listed on the inside front cover, the full name and address of the carnet holder, the name of the issuing association and the expiry date.


For more information about the CPD please visit the FIA website  

For inquiries on how to obtain a CPD from KIAC, please visit our nearest branch or contact us on 24827521


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